June 3, 2023

Native American Jewelry Symbols

Exploring the Meaning Behind Native American Jewelry Symbols


Native American jewelry is often highly symbolic and carries with it a deep meaning. The symbols used in Native American jewelry often have a spiritual or cultural significance that can be traced back centuries. By understanding the symbolism behind the pieces, one can gain insight into the beliefs and values of the people who created them.

native symbols

One of the most popular symbols found in Native American jewelry is the feather. Feathers are seen as a representation of prayer and spirituality, symbolizing freedom, courage, and hope. To many Native Americans, feathers are also associated with communication with their ancestors. They may also represent honor and respect for those who have passed on before them.


The bear is another common symbol found in Native American jewelry designs. Bears are seen as strong protectors who watch over us while we sleep, providing us with strength and guidance when we need it most. Bears are also thought to be great hunters; thus they symbolize abundance and prosperity.


The eagle is another powerful symbol found in some Native American jewelry designs. Eagles represent bravery, courage, strength, power, vision, and freedom; all qualities associated with this majestic bird of prey. For some tribes like the Navajo people, eagles are also seen as messengers from heaven who bring good news to Earthly beings from their ancestors in the heavens above.


The wolf is another important animal symbol in many Native American cultures—especially among tribes of the Southwest region such as Apache or Hopi peoples—as wolves represent loyalty and family bonds that last forever even after death separating them from this world into an afterlife beyond our reach on Earthly realms. Wolves serve as guardians for those left behind on Earth after their loved ones’ physical bodies pass away—they look out for those left here without their beloved family members by watching over them spiritually from beyond our physical realm here on earth.

native symbols

Finally, one last important animal-related symbol often used in Native American jewelry designs is that of turtles—which are seen as symbols of longevity due to their long life spans on earth compared to other animals. Turtles serve as reminders to never give up even when times get tough since they live so long despite all odds against them. They remind us that no matter how hard life gets, we should never give up or quit because there's always something worth fighting for even after seemingly endless struggles—just like turtles have persevered through time.


These powerful symbols found within native American jewelry each carry a deep meaning; one which reflects upon centuries worth of traditional beliefs held by native American cultures all across North America today! By learning about these various meanings behind different pieces, you too can gain insight into these rich cultural heritages which still remain alive today despite many changes through time!