June 3, 2023

How Phraustie Became an Indigenous Viking Mixed Jewelry Maker in Nome, Alaska

In the small town of Nome, Alaska, an unusual story has emerged of an Indigenous Viking jewelry maker. Meet Phraustie, an artist who is creating one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry by combining traditional Viking and Indigenous designs. The unique blend of these two distinct cultures provides Phraustie’s customers with a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.


The story behind Phraustie’s craft began when she was just a child growing up in Nome. In his early years, Phraustie was exposed to both the traditional Alaskan Native culture as well as Norse history and mythology from his ancestors. He quickly developed a deep appreciation for both cultures and how they blended together in such a beautiful way.

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As an adult, Phraustie began to explore his newfound interest in Viking and Alaskan Native art by learning how to craft jewelry from local artists in Nome. It wasn’t long before she began to combine elements from both cultures into his own creations and soon became known as the “Indigenous Viking Jeweler” of Nome.


It wasn’t until recently that He decided to take her business public and begin selling his creations at markets around Alaska and even online through Etsy and other platforms. Customers can find everything from necklaces adorned with traditional Norse symbols like Thor’s Hammer to earrings featuring Alaskan Native designs like hand prints or animal totems – all crafted using sterling silver or gold plated metals for an added touch of luxury.


What sets Phraustie apart from other jewelers is that each piece is handmade with love and care onsite at their studio in Nome instead of being mass-produced overseas like most modern jewelry today. This means every customer receives a truly unique item made with quality materials that will last them for years to come!


Not only does he provide customers with beautiful pieces of jewelry but also helps keep alive the legacy of both Alaskan Native culture as well as Norse mythology which have been passed down through generations since time immemorial.


So if you ever find yourself looking for something special while visiting Alaska – be sure to check out what Phraustie has created! You never know what you might discover when you mix Viking design principles with Alaskan Native artistry – it could be something truly remarkable!